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The best automated forex trading robot (Expert Advisors) for Metatrader 4

forex robot

Best possible solutions for your Forex trading account

forex robot

Acceptable profit

5% – 22% Monthly Profits(Normal Risk). You can choose your own risk and reward option. Also Auto risk management.

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Buy & Sell

Automated Buy & Sell Trades opened and close with Enhanced AI Trading Algorithm.

forex robot

Live Results

Everything is transparent. this Automatic trading robot will trade on your own mt4 trading account. Any Broker of Your Choice. Low Spread is important in forex trading account.


Foxi forex Robot analyze the market as every second. That’s automatically take the decision Buy or Sell
Just install foxi forex robot to get a successful forex trading experience.

1 Month

Test The Best Trading Robot in Market
$ 49 Monthly
  • 1 Month Access to automated forex trading robot
  • 1 Real Trading Account Access
  • MetaTrader4 Robot (MT4)
  • 200$ - Unlimited Trading Account Size
  • 0 DEMO account Access for forex auto trading robot

1 Year

Timely Progress with Automated Trading
$ 249 Yearly
  • 6 Months of Access to automated forex trading robot
  • 1 Real Trading Account Access
  • MetaTrader4 Robot (MT4)
  • 200$ - Unlimited Trading Account Size
  • 1 DEMO account Access for forex auto trading robot

Life Time

Reserve Your Forex Trading Bot
$ 375 Life Time
  • 1 Year of Access to automated forex trading robot
  • 2 Real Trading Account Access
  • MetaTrader4 Robot (MT4)
  • 200$ - Unlimited Trading Account Size
  • 2 DEMO account Access for forex auto trading robot

A linear guide in the tech world:

Welcome to Forex Trading. If you’re searching for a pre-eminent Forex Trading Robot, Wow! We are here to serve you with the best. Today you’ll help yourself to a hand-picked selection of forex robots. It has been more than 15 years since we explored and tested all probable Forex robots. Imagining the settled structure of our workings, here I would like to give a brief on Forex Robots.

Now, define the Forex robots which work to scan all the Automated Forex Trading System. In the trading market, the wave relies on composite algorithms, after finding a secured sign through Forex Trading Software. After being secured about the trading system, it will get in trades. After getting into the system of trades, robots will automatically manage the trades on behalf of the trade holder. Forex Auto Trader forms out the best-skilled strategies for efficient trading software.

Thus, the regularly heard trading software can work as a shot for each particular holder. Following up the basic trading system helps reach the most specified result & work as belonging for their user’s trade. This serves according to the majority of people who are running this famous ground. This runs on the command of the interface, which undoubtedly shows some innovation & increases the interest of the users.

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Autofx Trader to accompany:

Following up the results from the tables or graphs of the accounts, they get into the dealings. The results of both the accounts say real or demo accounts of trading. The Forex Robots are provided by the developer. The system of verifying the Forex Robots is checked & tested by the third party (customers or local users of the company). The verification is done of the Robots by the experiments. The robots are tried & tested before launching the forex robots out. The Company aims to build a new era of generation which brings a system to be held systematically and cleverly. This works as a Forex Trading Solutions that can reach to gain the authority of all the investments. At the initial stage, the trading software will start to work. The command from the software interface works as the goal for the Forex robots. A significant number of forex robots are serving as the expert’s advisors and have been moving ahead to connect with the criteria of the market. All the Automated forex robots are sorted by the various ranking of the factors that are drawn. They are equally referred on the gain & the investments. A total number of days until the starting date with the type of the account the robots learn all the information. They follow up on the history of each investment and inform about the next move. Many of the accounts are followed up on trading, where the robots made it easier for the people to handle the stake investments. All the new edition can develop a remarkable check which shows the attained number of profits in the market. Adding down the results, forex robots release the daily updates on the trading market. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Forex trading, also known as FX, is the trade carried out in the foreign exchange market. The global foreign currency trading market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. In forex trading, currencies are traded in pairs. One currency is the base currency, while the other is the counter currency. For example, the US Dollar and Euro when paired against each other are written as USD/EUR. In forex trading, one currency is converted to another. Just like other markets, the purpose of forex trading is to earn money. It is one of the most actively traded markets globally.

Forex trading automation is one in which the decisions regarding buying, selling, or any other actions are performed automatically by a forex trading robot. In the presence of an auto trading software for forex, there is no need for an individual to sit in front of the screen or the platform, the moment when the decision is made. An individual has complete control over the forex trading software since he/she can set the limits. The execution at the mentioned rate/limit is done by the forex auto trader software. On the other hand, in case of manual forex trading, the trader is required to be physically present to execute the buy and sell orders.

In order to invest in currency pairs, i.e., the forex market, there is a need for a tool which performs an in-depth analysis of different currency pairs and helps to carry out the trading operations seamlessly. In forex trading automation, a forex trading software that consists of various computational tools is used. The software for trading forex helps traders to execute trades based on various strategies. The auto forex trading software assists forex traders in overcoming specific challenges and carry out forex trades and investments which are more profitable. Accurate pricing for currencies, execution of special types of orders, and carrying out fundamental and technical analysis are the main reasons why traders choose a software for trading forex.

Forex trading automation involves the use of a forex auto trader software to execute trades instantly, automatically, and accurately. A forex auto trader helps minimize manual errors which may happen in executing forex trades. It helps in planning trade precisely and accurately, even when there are sharp fluctuations in the forex markets. An automated forex trading system eliminates the high risk of losing money when carrying out forex trades. The forex auto trader is an effective and powerful forex trading robot that is capable of monitoring the market and identifying new trading opportunities for a forex trader.

A forex trading robot is an automated program capable of carrying out analysis of the existing forex market trend to identify suitable trading opportunities (buy/sell) in a currency pair. Depending on the forex trading robot, they have the capability and power of performing back testing procedures. The trading moves of a forex trading robot is mainly based on back testing, which involves the use of historical data over the past 15-20 years to check the effectiveness of a given trading strategy before executing it in the market real-time. A forex trading robot makes automated forex trading possible to trigger a buy/sell signal for a currency pair.

  • The forex trading robot as an automated forex trading system is capable of carrying out trades even in your absence.
  • The analysis and predictions made by a forex trading robot is accurate most of the time.
  • No emotions or human analogy is involved in making the trading decisions.
  • Multiple trading strategies can be implemented at the same time.
  • It is capable of managing risks in a trade effectively, i.e., cutting loss-based trades quickly.
  • Multiple conditions can be set by a trader simultaneously – entry, exit, stop loss, target.
  • A forex trading software is able to monitor multiple currencies simultaneously.
  • A forex trading robot can work tirelessly 24/7.
  • Execution of strategies based on certain predefined rules (algorithms) is possible.
  • The forex trading robot from Foxi Forex is ideal for MetaTrader 4.
  • It provides complete flexibility to a trader to choose his/her own risk-reward option. Risk management is a crucial component of auto forex trading.
  • An autofx trader can easily make monthly profits of 10 – 30% using a forex trading robot from Foxi Forex.
  • Enhanced AI trading algorithms help automate buy and sell trades.
  • There is complete transparency with the forex trading robot from Foxi Forex.
  • The robot for auto forex trading analyzes the market every second and performs dynamic real-time calculation.
  • The Foxi Forex robot gives a seamless automated forex trading experience.

The Foxi Forex robot is perfect for an auto trader in forex as it follows a subscription-based model. Keeping in mind the consistency of profits, the returns on investment for the software is extremely high. There are three subscription models for the Foxi Forex robot.

Monthly model

This costs $499 per month for one month access to an automated forex trading robot.

Half yearly model

This costs $1999 for six months for access to an automated forex trading robot for half a year.

Yearly model

In this model, an individual gets one year access to an automated forex trading robot at $3999.

  • Once the payment is received and you have successfully subscribed for the membership (monthly/half yearly/yearly), you will receive a download link.
  • All you need to do is click on the download link to download the forex trading robot.
  • After downloading, you need to install the Foxi Forex robot for a seamless auto forex trading experience.
  • It doesn’t matter which broker you have an account with, Foxi Forex Robot will trade on your own MT4 trading account.
  • You can also create a demo account where you can place practice trades to check how the automated forex robot functions.
  • The details of the necessary indicators and signals are mentioned in the instruction manual.

A demo account resembles a real trading account, except that it does not have any real money involved. It is a great way for those who are beginning forex trading to practice and sharpen their trading skills without losing any real money in the process. If you are new to the world of forex trading, it is highly recommended that you trade on a demo account for at least a couple of months before actually understanding how things work. Once you have had a profitable 1-2 months in the demo account, you can try trading in the real trading account.